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I am looking for career opportunities in the field of Strategy and Development Consulting, Security and Sustainability Consulting and Project Management.

Srtategy Consulting Development Sustainability Project Management Project Assistant Analyses Communication Collaboration  

Opdateret 25. oktober 2022
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2018 - 2021

Anden lang videregående udd.

Aarhus Universitet

The Human Security M.Sc. program holistically examines the socio-economic and environmental aspects of the human life that determine the security of individuals and small societies in our global world e.g. pandemics, global warming, global criminal organizations, (civil) wars and terrorism. The program extended my perspective on security issues verically since it challenges the conventional understanding of 'state-centred security' prevalent within the disciplines of International Relations, and shifts the focus onto human beings and their needs instead.
Uddannelsesområde: Samfundsvidenskab
Periode: oktober 2018 - februar 2021
2014 - 2018

Anden lang videregående udd.

Anden uddannelsesinstitution i udlandet

International Relations BA
– European Integration (EU)
– Inter-cultural Studies
– International Law
– International Economy
Uddannelsesområde: Samfundsvidenskab
Periode: september 2014 - juli 2018
Min erhvervserfaring
2021 - 2022

Business Development Consultant (team leader)


I coordinated a consulting team of 5 in a business development project. I was responsible to ensure:
- a systematic management method by using Agile technique and Lean logic;
- team management (delegation, setting sub-goals, quality assurance,)
- working closely with the stakeholders in order to find the best solutions regarding their needs or limitations.

Results: I gained a hands-on experience in project management. Our problem analysis, solutions proposal and action plan were appreciated by our client, and now the project is in the implementation phase.
Arbejdsområde: Rådgivning & Support
Periode: november 2021 - februar 2022
2019 - 2019

Sustainability Consultant (internship)


I analyzed SDGs with socio-political and economic nature and contributed to the development of the measurement technique with the general methodology of assessment.

I also worked on the development of an ‘impact measurement tool’ that measures to what extent the operation of Danish businesses utility companies, municipalities apply the UN SDG framework.

Results: I improved my analytical and reporting skills with focus on time efficiency and precision. My initiatives were appreciated all along, and the project was adjusted in accordance with them. COWI managed to optimize the use of resources in the project, thus it saved time and funds based on my analyses and recommendations.
Arbejdsområde: Forskning & Udvikling
Periode: august 2019 - december 2019
2017 - 2018

Corporate Sales Support, EU Office (internship)

Budapest Bank

I managed data about EU subsidies (Cohesion Fund, EU Regional Development Fund and European Social Fund) and customized financial services for small and medium sized enterprises.

Maintaining the Corporate Sales Network by managing the data base and the flow of information between the sales, marketing and compliance department.

Organizing in-house and client meetings and created presentation materials.

Participating in all trainings that were available to enhance my knowledge about financial services, sales, marketing and compliance.

Results: I gained a hands-on experience in sales management support and collaboration with marketing and compliance divisions. I also learned to be organized and precise with the data base, real-time assistance for sales support and new brochure design for the sales meetings.
Arbejdsområde: Salg
Periode: november 2017 - april 2018
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development analyses lean six sigma green belt lean thinking project assistance research scrum master security management sustainability consulting
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english hungarian
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Forskning & Udvikling Politik & Samfund Projektledelse Rådgivning & Support
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