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Expert in energy markets, optimisation, game theory and AI, with professional and academic experience in the intersection of Computer Science, Operations Research and Economics. Keen on the complex current and future problems that can be solved by embedding data into the decision making processes for planing an operation.

data artificial intelligence data science machine learning operations research optimisation stochastic optimisation economics analysis modelling computer science energy  

Opdateret 25. juli 2019
Min uddannelse
2006 - 2010

ph.d. (alm.)

Anden uddannelsesinstitution i udlandet

Research in Artificial Intelligence and Game Theory applications in multi-agent distributed systems: Development of auction-based mechanisms which through appropriate payments incentivise selfish citizens to generate costly observations and truthfully report them to a source interested in acquiring them without being able to verify them. AI based evaluation and assessment of data inputs: AI vs human curators.
Uddannelsesområde: IT
Periode: oktober 2006 - maj 2010
Min erhvervserfaring
2017 - nu

Research Scientist

DTU Management Engineering

Research in transmission expansion planning between system operators: competition vs coordination based on systems analysis, equilibrium problems and stochastic optimisation. Exploring market designs and development of pro-active regulatory frameworks that facilitate the transition towards direct energy exchanges.

Energy Economics and Regulation group @ DTU Management Engineering.
Manager Dr. Klaus Skytte
Arbejdsområde: Data & analyse
Periode: november 2017 - nu
2013 - 2017

Postdoctoral researcher


Research in efficient market designs for power systems with high shares of renewable source of energy: introducing probabilistic offers in electricity markets and market integration through stochastic optimisation. Energy trading and consumer behaviour in smart grids with uncertain consumption and impact in wholesale market trading (e.g. NordPool, APX/EPEX).

Energy Analytics and Markets group.
Manager: Professor Pierre Pinson
Arbejdsområde: Data & analyse
Periode: oktober 2013 - november 2017
2013 - 2013

Visiting Scholar

Københavns Universitet (KU)

Research in multi-dimensional auctions where buyers have a limited knowledge of their preferences: determine how can agents optimise their actions without knowledge of their actions' impacts. Data Envelopment Analysis, benchmarking and Yardstick based competition.

In collaboration with Dr. K. Nielsen and Professor J. L. Hougaard, part of the CFEM project.
Arbejdsområde: Data & analyse
Periode: januar 2013 - maj 2013
2010 - 2012

Postdoctoral Researcher

Copenhagen Business School

Research in optimal auction design and efficient procurement under uncertainty. Game-theoretic approach in Artificial Intelligence: auction based assessment and evaluation in project procurement. Development of market-driven mechanisms to reward agents for investing effort in forecasting their production quality, truthfully reporting and actually delivering it based on real-world observations.

Manager: Professor Peter Bogetoft
Arbejdsområde: Data & analyse
Periode: oktober 2010 - december 2012
Mine kompetencer
algorithms artificial intelligence data analysis economics electricity markets game theory gurobi mathematical modeling mathematics matlab numerical analysis operations research python renewable energy reputation systems scientific computing statisitics
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Data & analyse Forskning & Udvikling Teknik Økonomi & Forvaltning
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